Creating a Website

To create the website, I made I used a resource called Webnode.  I have used Webnode for years and prefer to use it because they have nice templates but also allow you to input your own HTML and CSS code to make your website more manageable and versatile than other WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) sites for those who understand how to use that kind of functionality.

I first created a homepage by clicking a new page button.  I then labeled it home page, I made sure it that pages settings to mark that it needed to be in the menu.  I did this for the other pages as well, new page and then labeled them Print Instructional Materials, Graphing Instructional Materials, and Multimedia Instructional Materials.  Because of how this made the navigation bar look I decided to shorten the buttons to printer materials, graphic materials, and multimedia materials (the full titles are within each page) in order for the page to look better.

Within each of those pages I then selected to add text and I changed the font, the color of the font, and the size of the font to a scheme that I that was more appealing than the template design.

On the homepage I added an image that I like to use to represent my classroom and to use a tool to remind students of my website name, in this case,  I inserted this image by opening up the text/picture option and clicked insert picture.  I then uploaded the picture and resized it for my website by changing the dimensions until they fit.

I then added a link to the online version of the book we use in class.  I added another text/picture box and uploaded another picture of their book, then selected it and added a hyperlink, I made sure to check to option to have the link open a new page, this is important so that my page stays open to students when they access external links.

No sources were used.